There are two main blocks of presentations and discussions separated by a fieldtrip to Galeras volcano (if conditions permit). The first block is technical, the venue of which is at Universidad de Nari
ño in Pasto. The second block will probe the attitudes, concerns, and understanding of the people impacted by the hazards and gives them a chance to express their experiences with a venue La Cocha Lake, a more neutral location. The workshop is closed by a discussion panel identifying useful ideas to follow in order to reduce the gap in information and response among the participants. There will be a trip on the final day to a nearby active volcano that also presents a hazards to Pasto and the environs. Key initial and subsequent questions will be indentified from all stakeholders of these groups by expert elicitors. Thea Hincks and Willy Aspinall with Natalie Ortiz serving as a translator/facilitator

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